• Download and install the Tripp Social Riding App from the Google Playstore or the App Store.
  • Complete your profile registration process.
  • To sign up your car:
    1. Open the Tripp app and tap on the Menu Drawer
    2. Tap on My Car
    3. Tap on the + sign to register your car
    4. Upload a clear image of the following documents:
      • Driver’s License
      • Vehicle License (Auto reg)
      • Vehicle Insurance
      • Road worthiness certificate
      • A clear photo of your car's front view showing the license plate, windscreen and lights.
      • Your car's rear view showing the license plate, windscreen and lights.
    5. Then submit.



Tripp Car Signup

Tripp Car Signup

When your car registration is verified, your app wallet will be credited with one thousand Naira (NGN 1,000.00).

Begin sharing your itinerary daily as you drive to and from work. You can also share your itinerary as you drive around the city or go about your daily business. Riders will find you and send you “Join Requests” on the app. Accept them and pick them up along your regular route.

Complete at least ten (10) Trips with an average minimum of 2 Riders per Trip in a week and receive a three thousand Naira (NGN 3,000.00) bonus to do anything you want.

Let's start Tripping!
See you ‘on road’.

Terms and conditions apply.