Tripper Silver

To attain the Driver Silver Level, Trippers must have made 20 Tripps earned within any 3 weeks.
Rewards include:

  • Renewal of Insurance and Autoreg docs + Silver.
  • Must do minimum 20 Tripps every month to maintain Silver.


Tripper Gold

Trippers must earn 30 Tripps within any 4 weeks after Silver Level to attain Gold.
Rewards (+Silver benefits) include:

  • Rescue Towing Van + Gold never drops below Silver.
  • Must do minimum 30 Tripps every month to maintain Gold.




Rider Gold

The Gold Rider is entitled to one free ride after every 10th ride on Tripp. To be a Gold Rider, a rider must:

  • Make a minimum of 10 rides within any 4 weeks.
  • To maintain the Gold Rider Level, a rider must make a minimum of 20 rides within any 4 weeks. This means as a Gold Rider, you get the 11th, 22nd,...rides free, terms and conditions apply.

The benefits enumerated above for both Trippers and Riders are subject to Tripp's Terms of Service